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Initial Consultation

When you’re ready to explore how a cistern system could work for you, EarthSystemsNW will come to your home for an initial consultation. During the consultation, we’ll measure your house and calculate how much rainwater you’re able to harvest annually. Next, we’ll discuss your goals. Are you looking to harvest rainwater to primarily water your garden? Do you want to use the rainwater inside your home for your toilets, dishwasher, and washing machine? Would you like to meet all your water needs with rainwater including your drinking water? Finally, we discuss what kind of water tank(s) might work on your property.

Bringing in Our Partners

Once we get an idea of what your needs are and what kind of cistern would be beneficial, we create an initial bid for you. When you decide to proceed then we bring in our partners to give you a more detailed estimate of what the cost for the cistern system would be. Each system can vary widely which is why we make sure to customize your cistern for you.


Do we need to redirect the gutters so all the water from your roof goes into one tank? Are there any issues with your pre-existing gutters which might impact how much roof rainwater you’re able to collect? We work with Seattle Seamless Gutter to make sure we maximize the amount of water we can collect from your roof.


If you decide you’d like to use rainwater for indoor water use, we ask Gene Johnson Plumbing to schedule an appointment with you. Gene Johnson Plumbing is the only certified GreenPlumber in the Puget Sound region.  They’ll perform a water audit to help you conserve water to help you maximize your cistern benefits. During the appointment they will examine your existing pipes to see what work needs to be performed to bring rainwater into your house.


Bringing rainwater indoors involves adding a pump board which can be easily installed by our electrician, Brighten Electric.

Moving Forward

Once we have detailed estimates from our partners (depending on what kind of cistern system you choose, we collect a deposit from you, order your tank(s), and get to work!